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Joint Shoots

steven roe

So, in my previous blog post I spoke about my shoot with Hazed & Confucius and after that, I still had two shoots to do.
First up, I met for the first time with Oh Se Ae, aka Fantastic RinRin, who is actually one of my favourite photographers here in Korea. She has this surreal, dreamstate, otherworldly style of portrait photography that I just love.
She also has this bizarre camera that I have never seen before, it had four lenses on it, I've never seen anything like it, are they a new invention? I don't know, I could Google it but I'm writing this on a lunch break and pressed for time. 
Anyway, it's safe to say the shoot with Oh Se Ae wasn't great, we both agreed. We met in Hongdae, popular for Koreans and foreigners for drinking and more, but terrible for photography. It's just too busy. It's one of the few exits that require a long queue to leave. The place was lacking inspiration for me and so we have agreed to meet again soon with a much better plan.

After that shoot, I went a few stations over to the east to Jongro, to meet fellow cyberpunk photographer Noe.

Noe was filming for a YouTube video which I've shared below about the neon-overload of Jongro. This place could be responsible for 50% of Seoul's light pollution, and it's awesome. It reminded me a lot of Shibuya and other parts of Tokyo with its small cramped alleys with tiny bars and restaurants. It's a great place, Jongro is definitely worth taking your camera down there, or your friends to go drink and have fun.

I felt that the shoot went ok, maybe Jongro was a little too crowded, quite like Hongdae, and so there just wasn't enough room for the lights to shine through.