steven roe

Jongno, Seoul

steven roe
Jongno, Seoul

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Seoul, Jongno is full of cramped alleyways basked in a neon glow. 
There's an alleyway system in Jongno called Pitmagol and I explored them with YouTube blogger Noe. He told me that these alleyways were created so that, long ago, 'commoners' could pass around the markets freely without having to stop to bow to the 'higher-ups' all the time. Nowadays, the alleyways are filled with tiny little bars, restaurants and boutique shops. It reminded me of Shibuya in Tokyo, small bars where maybe 5-6 people can fit in.
I went there two Saturdays in a row, first to shoot with Noe, and second to actually enjoy some of these spots for some drink and Korean BBQ. 
Honestly, well worth the visit if you are around Seoul, and definitely a place I will bring friends when they come to visit.
Also, it's awesome for cyberpunk, neon-noir, vaporwave, all the genres, it's awesome for those styles of photography, I got some great shots, check them out below.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 13.05.24.png