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Neon Tours and Photography Classes

Neon Tours &

Photography Classes

in Seoul.

Man and women walking in a street on a rainy night.

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Discover the hidden gems of neon lights and master the art of night photography with our tailored tours and classes. I'll guide you through the city's less-traveled paths to capture the most stunning neon scenes, making this an ideal adventure for both novice and professional photographers.

For beginners eager to dive into the world of night photography, I offer specialized classes that cover optimal camera settings and composition techniques. And for those looking to add a cinematic touch to their images, I provide editing workshops where you can learn how to enhance your night shots into Blade Runner-esque masterpieces using Lightroom or Luminar Neo.

Should you have any specific needs or questions, feel free to reach out.


Rob E.

"A great experience meeting with Steve. As a complete novice to photography, I was a little concerned, but he was very patient & helpful. His work and support continues to inspire to my own photography journey."


Will it be ok if I only have a phone / basic camera? Absolutely, I have done this tour for people with both.

I am an absolute beginner, is my level suitable for the classes? The classes are designed around all levels, so don't worry if this is your first ever night shoot, or first shoot in general for that matter! We all start somewhere and I will be very happy to show you the basics.

Can I book multiple sessions? Depending on my schedule, you can. Seoul is a great city with many hidden gems, and we can discover them through multiple sessions.

I want to do a class but my friend doesn't, what do I select? Please contact me directly and I will send you a custom invoice.

Can you take my photo on this tour? No, please refer to the Neon Portraits page for that service.

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