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New Camera: Sony Alpha A7RII

steven roe
New Camera: Sony Alpha A7RII

This weekend I took my new Sony Alpha A7RII for a spin around the back alleys of Euljiro in Seoul and was accompanied by Canadian graphic designer @thejeffpunz. Jeff and I had no real plan on what we wanted to shoot and just went down any street that looked interesting or that looked as grimy as possible. 
Before the Sony I was using my Canon 100D, the first camera and only camera I had owned up until this point after a year of doing photography.
This isn't going to be a direct comparison of the Canon to the Sony, a beginners' camera to a pro camera, but one thing that was immediately apparent was the low-light capabilities of the Sony. The Canon has robbed me of so many insane shots where the composition was perfect but the noise and quality of the image was horrific; I'm not going to have that problem again. I was typically shooting at ISO 6400 this weekend, with the Canon I dare not push higher than 800. 
The Sony also has the two dials for quick access to shutter speed and aperture which is making life easier, whereas before I had to access the menu mode and go through the settings that way. Long.
I do miss the touch screen that the Canon 100D offered, but the Sony screen does flip out and up so I don't have to crouch so much for low angle shots.
Without rambling on, the Sony A7RII is a beast. I'm really looking forward to seeing prints of my work with this camera too, this thing packs 42 megapixels, maybe one day I will bag a billboard commission. 
Hey, I did end up comparing the Canon to the Sony, but shooting is far easier now and I didn't get stressed even once using this thing.
I have 3 days off work this week and we are even getting a bit of rain finally so I will be bringing you some of those neon-soaked streets that I know you all love. 
Check out some of the shots from this weekend below. Also, if you like the daytime edits, all shots were edited with my Lightroom Film Preset Pack which is available in the store.

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